Membership Subscriptions by Direct Debit

MembersIn conjunction with GoCardless, one of Europe's leading Direct Debit providers, Blyth Valley Radio Model Club are now able to offer the facility to pay annual club subs by Direct Debit.

This offers our Members a secure, convenient, and efficient method to ensure their subs are always up to date.

The entire process is all done through the GoCardless website which is extremely secure (see FAQ below). Blyth Valley Radio Model Club will not hold any of your banking details at all.

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Please find detailed below some Frequently Asked Questions about the scheme.

Do I have to pay my subs by direct debit?

Not at all. You can still attend our annual subs night on the second Thursday of each December at New Hartley Victory Social Club (starts 8pm)

Will there be a cost to me to pay by Direct Debit?

A small charge of £1.50 will be added. We add this to cover the cost of postage of your membership documents to your home address and the processing charge levied by GoCardless. However, don't forget, as you would be saving time and fuel by not physically attending subs night the extra £1.50 is still a significantly cheaper option.

Who collects the Direct Debit and where is it paid to?

Your subs are collected by GoCardless and then paid direct to BVRMC's bank account.

The Clubs bank account is credited approximately 3 working days later to allow for clearance.

How secure is the Direct Debit scheme?

Very. In fact BVRMC would not actually hold any of your banking details at all!

When you have completed your Direct Debit mandate (via the "pay with GoCardless" button above) then GoCardless simply email us to say you have registered and that collection by Direct Debit is now possible.

The entire registration process is within the GoCardless secure website.

Every year we then tell GoCardless how much we require from you to cover your annual subs. When payment for your annual subs is requested an automatic email is issued by both BVRMC and GoCardless in advance (see "Will I be notified in advance of the date and amount that will be collected" FAQ below) so payment can't be taken from you without prior notification via email

If you visit the GoCardless website they advise their security arrangements which include:

     1. GoCardless access to the Direct Debit system is provided by Europe's major banks, who have approved their systems.
     2. All servers are hosted in secure datacentres located in Europe - data is never transmitted outside the EU
     3. Financial data server is separated from the GoCardless application server by multiple firewalls.
     4. All client-server communication is 256-bit SSL encrypted. The banking system requires just 128-bit.

Will I be notified in advance of the date and amount that will be collected?

Absolutely. When we advise GoCardless of the amount and date of collection they will send you an email notification.

As a matter of good practice, BVRMC will also advise you at least 10 days in advance of the amount and collection date via email. In practice the collection date will generally be the second Thursday of each December to tie in with the traditional "subs night".

Can I vary the collection date?

Yes, to any working day if at least 1 weeks notice is provided. However, the date of collection should remain within the December month to prevent your club membership expiring. You simply need to email us with your preferred collection date.

If I elect to pay by Direct Debit, can I opt out at anytime?

Yes, no problem at all. Simply let us know and we will deactivate the direct debit authorisation. You also have the facility to deactivate it yourself from your GoCardless account.

I have family who are also members of BVRMC can I pay their subs as well from my Direct Debit?

Sure, simply email us with the names of the additional members and we will add their subs to your account if you wish.

Am I protected by the "Direct Debit Guarantee"?

Definitely. GoCardless is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, registration number 597190, for the provision of payment services. The "Direct Debit Guarantee" is shown below.

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